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How To Remove Duplicate Files In Windows 10

With the arrival of Windows 10 and further updates, the file explorer is now completely revamped. With windows built for the home and office, there might be chances of storing duplicate files on the PC. Windows 10 allows you to install 3rd party apps to solve issues like these. Here’s how you can remove duplicate files in Windows 10.

Step 1
Start 'CCleaner'

Click on the 'Start' menu with the 'Windows' logo on the bottom left side of your laptop screen and open 'CCleaner' app. If it isn’t installed, then you can install it for free from here.

Step 2
Tap Tools > Duplicate Finder

Go to the ‘Tools’ section and select the 'Duplicate Finder'. This will open up the Finder box where you can set custom search requirements.

Step 3
Hit 'Search'

After you have customized your search for duplicate files in your PC you can now click on 'Search'.

Step 4
Delete Duplicate Files

You can now select the files that are duplicate and that you want to be removed from your PC. Once you have selected these files, you can then hit ‘Delete Selected’.

And that is how you can easily delete multiple duplicate files in Windows 10 with comfort.
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