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How To Record The Video Of The Application In Windows 10


Windows 10 is the latest in the line-up and it has amazing apps focused for everyone. Windows 10’s Xbox app is tailor-made for content creators and is one of the finest in-house apps made by Windows. Capturing the screen of any app that you are currently in can be used for gaming, tutorials and more. Here’s how to record the video of the application in windows 10.

Step 1
Open 'Xbox' App

Click on the 'Start' menu with the windows logo on the bottom left side of your laptop screen and type in ‘Xbox’ and hit enter. The capture section is where you can view all your captures.


Step 2
Open App to Record

You can now open any application that you want to record. I’ll be opening Hill Climb Racing and will record gameplay for future use.


Step 3
Press 'Win + Alt + R'

You can now press 'Win Key + Alt + R' button to start the recording. The recording will start automatically thereafter and you can use the same key combinations to stop it too.


Step 4
Video Saved

After you’ve pressed 'Win Key + Alt + R' for the second time, it will stop capturing your app’s screen and you will get a notification that your video is created and saved.


Step 5
Captures Folder

All of your captures can be found in the File Explorer too. Just head over to 'This PC' > 'Videos' > 'Captures' to find them.


And this is the easiest way to record the video of any app in Windows 10.
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