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How to overclock E5-2696 v3?


Junior Member
Sep 24, 2017
Hi I have and E5-2696 v3 running on an ASUS X99 AII with 32gb of corsair ddr4 2133 MHz ,cooled by a corsair h115I AIO.
I built this computer to run Mac OS X which it does fine, but my scores in Geekbench 35 k and cinebench 2292 are pretty average for this cpu.
My cpu doesn't t pass x34-35 and on all cores x27 .
All I would like to know is what to change in bios for a stable overclock given that the xeon's are not that much overclockable but I saw GB results on Mac OS X of this cpu of 41k so it s not impossible.


Senior member
Mar 2, 2013
Sorry no help on the OC but, a production E5-2696 v3 runs all cores @ 2.8Ghz and turbos to 3.8Ghz, so you are talking about an ES or OS of what revision or stepping?
And bear in mind, it could also be whatever software you are getting your readings from that is inaccurate.