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How To Open Websites In Taskbar In Your Windows 10 PC


Users might want to access some websites on a very frequent basis. This can be made possible by pinning your favorite websites to the taskbar. By doing this, you can launch the pinned websites instantly. Microsoft Edge web browser allows the user to pin their favorite websites to the taskbar for easy access. Here is how you open the websites in taskbar in the Windows 10 PC system.

Step 1
Click ‘Microsoft Edge’ Browser Icon

The first step is to launch the Microsoft Edge web browser. User can either click the ‘Microsoft Edge’ we browser icon as shown below or search for the web browser in the start menu.


Step 2
Type a ‘Website URL’

In the Microsoft Edge web browser, you can navigate to any website. Type your preferred ‘Website URL’ in the address bar of the browser. Here it is navigated to as shown below.


Step 3
Click the ‘More Options’ Option

Once you are navigated to the desired website, the user must click the ‘More Options’ option that is present at the right corner as shown below.


Step 4
Click ‘Pin this page to the taskbar’ Option

Once the user clicks more options, a list of operations that can be performed is listed as a drop-down menu as shown below. Here the user must choose the ‘Pin this page to the taskbar’ option to pin the user’s favorite website in the taskbar.


Step 5
Website Icon Gets Displayed

After selecting your favorite website to be pinned to the taskbar, the user will find your pinned ‘Website Icon' present at the taskbar. Here the icon for the website is present in the taskbar and the website can be launched just by a single click of the icon.


You can now easily open the websites in the taskbar in the Windows 10 PC by following the above step sequentially.
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