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How To Map A Network Drive In The Windows 10 System

Mapping a network drive is an essential feature that is introduced by Microsoft. This feature will allow the users to get the required files or folders from the File Explorer rather than search for it or accessing them through the network address each and every time. This would save a lot of time. Here is how you map a network drive in Windows 10.

Step 1
Click ‘File Explorer’ Icon

Initially, you will have to click the ‘File Explorer’ option that is located at the taskbar.

Step 2
Click ‘This PC’ Option

You must select the ‘This PC’ option as shown below. On clicking this option, you will be able to see the different drives in your Windows 10 system.

Step 3
Select the ‘Map Network Drive’ Option

Click the 'Computer' menu to see the different options available under it. Now click the ‘Map Network Drive’ option in order to map the network drive.

Step 4
Click ‘Map Network Drive’ Sub Option

A shown below, you have to select th ‘Map Network Drive’ sub-option.

Step 5
Click ‘Browse’ Option

In the Map Network Drive wizard, click the ‘Browse’ option to locate and choose the exact folder to be mapped as a network drive. You might need to enter your credentials to choose the folder.

Step 6
Click ‘Reconnect at Sign-in’ Option

After choosing the folder, click the checkbox for ‘Reconnect at Sign-In’ option and the click the ‘Finish’ button to finish the mapping process.

Step 7
The Folder Gets Mapped as a Network Drive

Refresh your file explorer. You will find the chosen folder to be mapped as a network drive in the Windows 10 system.

You can thus map a network drive in Windows 10 system easily by following the above steps.
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