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How To Link Your Phone With A Windows 10 PC

Linking your phone device with the Windows 10 PC will provide the users with a lot of benefits. Once the link is established between the phone and PC, you will be able to share the web pages from phone to PC with the help of the Microsoft edge browser. In addition, you can also run apps available on both phone and your PC. Here is how you can link the phone with the windows 10 PC.

Step 1
Click ‘Windows’ Icon

The initial step is to click the ‘Window’ icon present at the left corner of the taskbar. On clicking this icon, you will see some important system settings of the windows 10 system.

Step 2
Select ‘Settings’ Option

From the list of available options, the user has to click the ‘Settings’ option to view all the basic settings of the system.

Step 3
Select ‘Phone’ Option

In the windows settings option, you will find many settings option related to the controlling and appearance of your system. Here you need to click the ‘Phone’ option to link your phone device with the window 10 PC.

Step 4
Click ‘Add a Phone’ Option

In the phone settings Option, the user has to click the plus icon near the 'Add a phone’ option in order to add a new phone device with your Windows 10 PC.

Step 5
Select Your Device

Choose the device you are using.

Step 7
to Your Microsoft Account

Click on ‘Sign-In to Your Microsoft’ and enter your username and password to sign-in. After you login with your Microsoft account, it will be redirected to a new page to link your phone.

Step 8
Click ‘Send’ Option

As shown below, the user has to enter their mobile contact number to get an SMS text message to the phone device to enable the connection with the PC. Type that mobile’s number and click the ‘Send’ option.

Step 9
Click the Link Provided

In your mobile device, you will find an SMS message with a web link as shown below. Click the web link in order to download the apps to work with PC and phone

Step 10
Click ‘Install’ Option

Here the Microsoft Launcher application is to be installed through the general app store located in your mobile device. Click the ‘Install’ option. Once the installation of the application chosen is done, you will have to click the ‘Open’ option to launch the application.

Step 11
Click ‘Sign in with Microsoft’ Option

Once the application is launched, the user has to enter the correct email address in the text space provided to get further access to the application. Click ‘Sign In with Microsoft’ option and enter the apt password credential to enable the linking of phone device with the PC.

Step 12
Linking of the Phone with Windows 10 PC

After doing the steps mentioned, you will notice that your mobile device is linked with the Windows 10 PC as shown below.

You can now successfully link your phone device with the Windows 10 PC by following the above steps.
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