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How to Install New Fonts in Windows 10

Installing new fonts in Windows 10 is way simpler than installing any other app. Where in the latter case you need to go through the installation wizard and perform several of steps, the former offers more straightforward approach.

Note: Depending on its vendor, the new font may be free or paid. Usually it’s a .ZIP file that is downloaded to your PC, and contains different variants of the font family like Bold, Italic, etc.

Once downloaded, here’s how you can extract the .ZIP file and install the new font in Windows 10:

Step 1
Extract the .ZIP file

Right-click the .ZIP file you downloaded, and click Extract Here (or another similar option available because of a different compression tool installed on your PC) from the context menu. This extracts the contents (generally a folder) inside the compressed file to the same location. The extracted folder contains all the variants of the font family.


Step 2
Install the font

Get to the extracted folder, right-click your preferred font file (OpenType Font (OTF) or TrueType Font (TTF)), and click Install from the context menu. This installs the selected font on your computer. Alternatively you can click Install for all users if you want the font to be available for everyone who uses the PC. You must repeat the steps in order to install all the available variants of the font.




Step 3
Confirm installation

Type FONTS in the Cortana search box, press Enter, and type the name of the newly installed font (Giveny in this example) in the Available fonts search field in the Fonts window. This brings up the font you just installed. A sample text is also displayed along with the font’s name that lets you preview its style.


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