How to inflate a double-end bag (or any other bag/ball with air bladder) without popping it?


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May 1, 2001
So I've been pounding punching bags as long as I can remember. One of those is a double end bag. But the issue is the same with a speed bag, football, basketball, etc. etc., any bag or ball that holds air I would guess.

I've never had a problem inflating them until recently. But lately, I will have one that is a little low. I'll attached the needle attachment to the end of the air pump, then place the needle attachment all the way in, basically as far as it will go, then pump it up.

Only, recently, it seems to pump up very poorly, and the next day it is always COMPLETELY out of air. So I order a new double in bag, process happens again and again.

Is there some magic I need to use when I fill these things up with air not to pop them or whatever? I do not inflate them much at all, so I don't think its over-inflation. I think maybe I am pushing the needle in too far and its damaging the bladder or something?

Thanks for any help!


Jun 19, 2004
Do you use a pressure gauge when filling your tires? Why wouldn't you use one to fill other inflatables?