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How To Format A Hard Drive For Windows 10

Formatting a hard drive or a disk is crucial as your PC may get subjected to repeated wears and tears due to system conflicts or other malfunctions. And that severely affects the formatting. The procedure of formatting doesn’t vary much across the versions of Windows. Now, let’s have a look at how to format a hard drive for Windows 10.

Step 1
Go to 'Search'

Navigate to the bottom left corner of the screen and click on 'Search' button. It will open up a pane with a search bar.

Step 2
Click 'Disc Management'

Look for 'Disc Management' in the 'Search Bar', and once the option appears, click it. It will open up the details of the drives and discs in your PC.

Step 3
Right Click on 'Disc'

Now, let’s say, you want to format 'Disc 0' from the list. You go to that disc and right click on it. A menu will pop up on the screen.

Step 4
Click 'New Single Volume'

Click 'New Single Volume' from the pop-up. It will open up 'New Simple Volume Wizard' in a separate window.

Step 5
Click 'Next'

Click the 'Next' option in the 'New Simple Volume Wizard' window. It will display details regarding the Disc.

Step 6
Click 'Next'

Go through the information. Ideally, you won’t require to change anything. Subsequently click the 'Next' option in the Window. It will open a window that will prompt you to assign a name or a drive letter to the disc.

Step 7
Click 'Next'

Generally, your PC will assign a drive letter to the disc; in this case, it’s ‘E’. However, you can assign a name of your choice. Subsequently, click 'Next'. It will open up another window called 'Format Partition'.

Step 8
Click 'Next'

Have a look at all the information displayed under 'Format Partition', and click 'Next'. It will take you back to the 'New Simple Volume Wizard' window.

Step 9
Click 'Finish'

Click the 'Finish' tab and that will mark completion of the process of formatting.

Thus, you can format a hard drive in Windows 10 following these simple steps.
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