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How to Force Quit an Application on the Mac OS X


Users might find the application to get frozen in the Mac OS X system. This becomes annoying as you cannot do any operations in a particular operation. In this situation, the users should force quit the application that is frozen and try to relaunch the application. By doing this, you can ensure that the application starts working well. Here is how you force quit the application on the Mac OS X system.

Step 1
Select ‘Apple Icon’

The first step is to click the ‘Apple Icon’ that is located at the top left corner of your Mac system’s screen to view the list of system settings.


Step 2
Select ‘Force Quit’

On clicking the apple icon, you will find a list of settings options. You will have to choose the ‘Force Quit’ option to forcefully close and relaunch the application you desire.


Step 3
Select ‘Force Quit’ Button

You will find the various applications that are running in your Mac OS X system. From this list, choose the application you want to force quit and then click on the ‘Force Quit’ button. Usually, a red circle symbol is present beside the application that is not responding.


Step 4
Select ‘Force Quit’ to Confirm

You will get a confirmation box regarding the force quit operation as shown below. Click on the ‘Force Quit’ option.


Step 5
Select ‘Command + Option + Escape’ Buttons Simultaneously

The applications can also be forcefully quitted using a keyboard shortcut. You need to press the ‘Command’ + ‘Option’ + ‘Escape’ button simultaneously to access the force quit window so that the application to be quitted forcefully can be chosen.


You can easily force quit an application on the Mac OS X system by following t
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