How To How To Fix HP ENVY 4500 Scanner/Printer Not Scanning


Apr 11, 2008
I solved a problem and I am posting this here so that others, who might have this problem, will have a solution too.

I have an HP ENVY 4500 scanner/printer. Eventhough it allows me to print, scanning is a suddenly not possible.

On the software Windows, side, when I click to "New Scan", the error is "Could not complete scan". I have download new drivers (I thinkj) and my comptuer still does not recognize the sanner.

On the sanner side, when I click the pannel to scan, it says that "No Computer Found". Which is strange because I am able to print from the computer.

I went to HP website to submit a ticket but after I put in the serial number of the device, it says my warranty has expired.

I found this
which led to this
which led to this

And now I can scan again.
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Sep 7, 2001
Not sure if this account has been hijacked for spam purposes for some third-party printerdrivers download site? The video is just a straight-forward tutorial of how to install HP's printer drivers and software, same instructions and guidance provided by HP resources.

The driver download links below it (printerdrivers dot net), while appear to be a legitimate (albeit likely renamed) HP driver for the Envy 4500, are the original release driver (2014). A much newer driver release dated 2021 for both the 'Basic' and 'Full' packages is available from HP's support page for this model. As well as a firmware update from 2020.

I don't see why this is some special case of how to 'get around' or 'fix' a problem that HP's resources do not already cover adequately without having to rely on unknown third-party download sites promoted by YT videos?