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How to Fix App Notifications and Text Messages that are Disappearing from the Lock Screen on iOS 11

Generally, people rely on the lock screen to know whether they have received any text message. However, the iOS 11 users are having difficulties with regards to this. As reported by Apple users, they do not get all notifications which actually disappear when the screen is locked. So the users are often unaware of the communications they receive when the phone is locked. Consequently, who are reliant on alert, face major problems when they do not get text alerts that vanish from the lock screen, after some time (seconds/minutes) of the receipt.

How to then fix the notifications disappearing from the lock screen? Let’s try these steps below:

Step 1
Check the ‘Notification’ Settings

To make sure you get notified without missing anything, the first and foremost step is to go to ‘Settings’>‘Notifications’.

This will display a list of the entire range of apps that can send you a notification. Scroll down and look for messages.

Step 2
In the messages, make sure that ‘Allow Notifications’ is selected.

Also, make certain that ‘Show in History’ selection is enabled.

Step 3
Finally, check whether ‘Show as Banners’ is enabled.

Step 4
Choose the banner type either ‘Temporary’ or ‘Persistent’.

Step 5
Your problem will be sorted already. However, it is recommended to restart the iOS device to have a fresh start without any existing issues. If still, things are not working fine, then the problem may be with the iOS operating system. You should then try taking it to the nearest service centre and get it fixed.
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