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How To Find The IP Address In The Windows 10 System


The IP address is an identity for your device located on a network. It is essential for the users to know the IP address as it is required while multiple devices are present. The device might need to communicate with each other and also share resources among them. The IP address will be required for these purposes. Here is how you can find the IP address easily in your Windows 10 system.

Step 1
Click the ‘Windows’ Icon

Click the ‘Windows’ icon that is found at the left corner of the taskbar as shown. You can also press the ‘Start Windows’ button on your keyboard.


Step 2
Select ‘Settings’ Option

In the 'Start' menu, you will find a list of recently accessed files and application. Here you have to search and click the ‘Settings’ option as shown below.


Step 3
Click ‘Network & Internet’ Settings Option

In the 'Settings' window, you will find settings related to device, system, internet, privacy, etc. You have to click the ‘Network & Internet’ settings option to view the 'Wi-Fi' and 'Network Settings'.


Step 4
Click ‘Wi-Fi Option

In the 'Network & Internet Settings' window, select the ‘Wi-Fi’ option that is present in the left side of the window.


Step 5
Click ‘Hardware Properties’ Link

After clicking the 'Wi-Fi Settings' option, you will find Wi-Fi related settings as shown below. Here click the ‘Hardware properties' link to view the 'Advanced Wi-Fi Settings'.


Step 6
Scroll to find ‘IPv4 Address’

In the advanced Wi-Fi options, you will find the properties section. Scroll down to find the ‘IP Address’ of your network which is also known as the IPv4 address.


You can now easily find the IP address in the Windows 10 system by following the above steps.
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