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How to Enable Sticky Keys on Mac OS X

Sticky keys is a feature on your MacBook that allows you to virtually press and hold down a key without having to actually do it. For example, if you want the Command key pressed while you press another key, the sticky keys feature can help you keep the Command key pressed. This feature helps in various ways – when you have a large shortcut to type, when you need to retype a shortcut multiple times in a row, if you suffer from any disabilities that allows you to use only one hand, etc.

Want to learn this cool and useful trick for your MacBook? Follow the steps below to learn how to enable sticky keys on Mac OS X.

Step 1
Open ‘System Preferences’

Go to the menu at the bottom of your screen and click on the ‘System Preferences’ tab.

Step 2
Open the ‘Accessibility’ Menu

Within the 'System Preferences' window you will find a button titled ‘Accessibility’, click on it.

Step 3
Open the ‘Keyboard’ Options

In the dialog box, you will find a list of tabs on the left side. Scroll down and click on ‘Keyboard’.

Step 4
‘Enable Sticky Keys’

You will find an option titled ‘Enable Sticky Keys’. Tick the box next to this option. This will make sticky keys effective on your Mac. Now if you press any button, it will be activated as held down and shown on the side of your screen. And if you re-press it, it will be cancelled.

Using this feature, you can perform tasks that require the use of multiple key
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