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How to Enable Nearby Sharing in Windows 10

Released with April 2018 update, Nearby Sharing in Windows 10 lets you share your documents, images, videos, etc. to the nearby Windows 10 computers and paired mobiles and tablets. At the time of this writing, Windows 10 automatically decides whether to use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to share the files depending on the connection quality.

It takes merely a couple of steps to enable Nearby Sharing in Windows 10. Here are they:

Step 1
Get to the Settings window

Click Start, and click the Settings icon. This opens the Settings window. From here you can manage all your computer settings such as network configuration, Windows updates, user accounts, etc.


Step 2
Get to the System window

Click System from the Settings window. This opens the System window. The options here let you manage settings like color theme, sound, battery performance, etc.


Step 3
Enable Nearby Sharing

Click Shared experiences from the left pane, and turn on the Nearby sharing button from the right pane. This enables Nearby Sharing on your Windows 10 computer. From this point onward, you can right-click any file you want to share, click Share from the context menu, and select a device from the Share box.




Note: Nearby Sharing must be enabled on both the participating devices to share the files.

Note: You can also enable Nearby Sharing quickly by right-clicking any file, clicking Share, and clicking Select to turn on nearby sharing on the Share box.
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