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How to Enable Dark Mode on Windows 10

Apart from the default color theme, Windows 10 also has Dark Mode that is sometimes also referred to as Dark Theme. Many users prefer using Dark Mode in order to reduce strain on their eyes, especially when the room light is dull.

Enabling Dark Theme in Windows 10 is easy. Here’s how:

Step 1
Get to the Colors window

Type Colors in the Cortana search box, and click Choose your accent color (or press Enter). This opens the Personalization window with the Colors category selected in the left pane. The Color window in the right allows you to define your preferred accent colors, manage transparency, etc.


Step 2
Get to the More options section

Scroll down the Colors window and pass through the Windows colors sub-section. This brings up the More options section. From here you can manage transparency, choose the objects you want the accent colors should apply to, etc.

Step 3
Enable Dark Mode

Select the Dark radio button from under the Choose your default app mode sub-section. This instantaneously enables Dark Mode on Windows 10. Once enabled, depending on your computer’s configuration, the white areas of the windows and boxes will be displayed in black, and the black text will be shown in white. You can re-enable Light Mode by selecting the Light radio button from the same window.


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