How to enable AGP4x on a TNT2?


Oct 17, 1999
OS: Win2000 SP2 w/ latest updates.
Leadtek TNT2 16MB capable of doing AGP4x, 21.83 drivers.
Abit KT7A motherboard (Via KT133A chipset).

I added a HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\nv4\Device0\EnableVia4x dword and set it to 1 as per instructions on the web.

In WCPUID it says 1x 2x 4x supported, but still only 2x enabled.
Where is my problem?


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Feb 3, 2001
What motherobard do you have?

Most lilky your motherboard doesn't support 4x AGP. Mine "supports" 2x AGP, but, doesn't run stable at all with it enabled. :(

try using PowerStrip to enable 4x AGP if you can.

I only saw about a 50 3dmark diffrence w/ 2x AGP on my system.


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Feb 5, 2001
I Dont think theres a TnT2 card outhere that supports X4, I have a Asus 3800 TnT2 Ultra with 32megs SGram and its X2, The box says it website says this, Think the gemans are smoking crack claiming 4X on there website.
I have forced 4X with registry but simply no change, The card doesnt even acknowledge its happen.
I would also say anything over a 1gigz cpu makes no more the difference ether, the cards just dont work anyfaster unless you over clock them and they are really picky about that.

One suggestion is to look try alot of the older Detnonator drivers mainly 12.xx or lower if you want a better performance out of it, The newer drivers pertain to using a GPU where TnT2 doesnt use one they are soley CPU powered.

So far for my Asus 3800U the Det 6.50 work best for me since the introduction of DX8, anything higher for me Halfs my performance and available resolutions, I can say though that the newer Det drivers 21.xx or better gave back the available resolutions but performance was still a loss.