how to connect 2 computers........


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Apr 26, 2002
I have a desktop w/ win98, and a laptop with xp pro installed. How do I connect the 2 computers so I can transfer files between the 2 computers? I brought a crossover cable, and that is as far as I went. What do I do after I connect the 2 computers together?

In my 98 machine, there is a folder I want to transfer to my laptop. I went to the foldre, and allowd sharing on the folder.......

so how do I actually do the transfer?

Also, both pc's aer connected to a hub, so can I just connect one end of the cable to my laptop, and one end to the hub, rather then connect it directly to the compuer??


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Oct 9, 2001
Once everything is setup properly you can just drag'n'drop file using windows explorer. Follow path under "My Network Places" or "Network Neighborhood". Eventually you will see the shared folder.
DO use a crossover cable when the cable is running DIRECTLY from one computer to the other.
DO NOT use a crossover cable with a hub.
DO make sure both computers are in the same workgroup (not necessary, but makes it much easier).