Question How to configure two monitors so they look as a single monitor to the computer?


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Dec 28, 2022

Please let me know if this is not the correct sub-forum.

I have two identical WUXGA 16:10 monitors in portrait orientation that are put side by side next to each other. My laptop (running Windows 10), provides HDMI and VGA ports and it came with an Intel HD 620 and a discrete Nvidia GTX 950M, but physically everything is connected trough the Intel card. One monitor is connected to the HDMI port and the other to the VGA port. The bottom part of the monitor's bezel is thicker so one of the monitors is set as portrait or 90 degrees (bottom bezel to the left), and the other is set in portrait flipped 270 degrees (bottom bezel to the right). That way the thinner top bezels are together.

I want to create a mosaic or collage so at the end Windows sees monitors 2 and 3 as if they are a single 5:4 "monitor". The idea here is that if I maximize the window of any program it occupies the entire screen area automatically and if I set programs like VLC, or a video game to “full screen”, the image have to be stretched using both physical monitors as one single image.

I have already used Windows options to extend the desktop but they are still treated as two separate monitors. On the Intel HD Graphics control panel, there is an option that as I said is called "collage", but the problem is that it doesn't take into consideration that the monitors are already in portrait, oriented in different directions, if I select the horizontal orientation it assumes that they are side by side with the bottom bezel at the bottom. If I select the vertical option it assumes that the monitors are on top of each other with the bottom bezel at the bottom, in other words it doesn't take into consideration that one is 90 degrees and the other is 270 degrees. Selecting the horizontal option the mosaic was created but since they are facing opposite direction the image in the monitor at the right doesn't match with the image of the monitor at the left and also the image is oriented as if I have a tall 1920x2400 monitor instead of a wide 2400x1920 monitor. Even when the image is in the wrong direction I went to Windows display option to set that new "monitor" in portrait mode (I know it sounds confusing but that's the correct choice), but after doing that the collage or mosaic broke, one of the monitors was disconnected and it was not recognized until I disabled the collage option at the Intel HD graphics control panel.

I found that Nvidia have a similar option but in my setup the Nvidia processor is just for 3D and it needs the Intel HD "bus" to send the signal to the video ports, that option is not available in the Nvidia control panel.

Since that didn't work I tried a couple of monitor management tools like Displayfusion, Ultramon, Nirsoft Multimonitor Tool and Dualmonitor Tools. But none can do what I'm looking, they are just tools to enhance what you can do already on Windows 10 display options. I did found that with Dualmonitor Tools there is an option that helps me to define a window that take the entire area of the two monitors doing it with a single keyboard combo. So at least, for windowed programs I can quickly resize the window to occupy both screens, but if I want to set the program to fullscreen, it will occupy only one of the monitors.

Do you have any idea how can I accomplish this?