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How to Configure Spotlight in Mac OS X


The spotlight is a very useful feature that allows the users to find the applications, files, folders and documents in your Mac OS X system. Another added advantage of the spotlight feature is that you can also get the news, sports, movies and also weather. You can also drag the categories to decide the order of the spotlight search results. Here is how you can configure the spotlight search in the Mac OS X system.

Step 1
Choose ‘System Preferences’

As a first step, you should click on the apple icon at the top left corner of the Mac screen. You will find a list of available settings option for the system. From the list, choose the ‘System Preferences’ option to view the Mac system preferences.


Step 2
Select ‘Spotlight’

You will find the list of system setting options in the system preferences window. Choose the ‘Spotlight’ option in order to easily perform the find functionality.


Step 3
In the spotlight window, you can ‘Drag the categories to change the order of the results’. This helps you find things easily on the computer using the spotlight option.


Step 4
Enable ‘Spotlight menu for keyboard shortcut’

You can set the keyboard shortcut for the spotlight menu as shown below. Enable the checkbox for ‘Spotlight menu for keyboard shortcut’ and choose the keyboard button option to access the spotlight option easily from the desktop.


Step 5
Enable ‘Spotlight window keyboard shortcut’

To set the window keyboard shortcut for easy access to the spotlight function, you should enable the checkbox of ‘Spotlight window keyboard shortcut’ as shown below from the desktop.


Step 6
Hit ‘Privacy’

Click the ‘Privacy’ tab in the spotlight window as shown below. You can use this option to prevent the spotlight from searching the locations.


‘Thus you can easily configure the spotlight settings in Mac OS X system’ .
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