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Question How to check power on hours for nvme drive (MTFDHAL3T2TDR-1AT1ZABYY).


Junior Member
Sep 5, 2021
I am trying to check power on hours for my drive (MTFDHAL3T2TDR-1AT1ZABYY) on windows 7.
  1. I have tried the crucial storage executive program.
  2. I have tried seatools for windows.
  3. I have tried the cmd shortcut method.
  4. I have tried hard disk sentinel program.
I tried all these programs but they are not giving me the power on hours for my my drives.
If anyone knows how to check power on hours on this drive on a windows 7 system, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Billy Tallis

Senior member
Aug 4, 2015
I think smartctl from https://www.smartmontools.org/ can do this on Windows, depending on the NVMe driver you're using: https://www.smartmontools.org/wiki/NVMe_Support

The limitation preventing smartmontools from working with NVMe drives on Windows 7 using the built-in NVMe driver will also prevent other third-party tools from working, but there may be a first-party tool from the drive manufacturer (Micron). Consider upgrading to an operating system with a more capable NVMe driver.
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