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How To Change The Name Cortana Calls You On Windows 10


One of the most important features that Windows 10 has introduced is 'Cortana'. For people who are not aware of this feature, 'Cortana' is Windows’ personal virtual assistant. It’s equivalent to Apples’ Siri. Windows 10 gives you the option to customize 'Cortana'. Here’s how you can change the name 'Cortana' calls you on Windows 10.

Step 1
Click ‘Ask Me Anything’

Go to the bottom left corner of the screen and you will spot a bar with the symbol of Cortana (a hollow circle) with 'Ask Me Anything' written adjacent to it. Click the bar. Consequently, it will open up Cortana.


Step 2
Select 'Notebook Icon'

There will be three icons on the left. Out of which, select the 'Notebook' icon. It will open up a menu of multiple options.


Step 3
Click ‘About Me’

Select 'About Me' from the list of options. It will open up a settings panel that will allow you to personalize 'Cortana' as per your needs and convenience.


Step 4
Select 'Change My Name'

Select 'Change My Name' from the options displayed under 'About Me'. It will open up a panel that will prompt you to enter the name that you would like Cortana to call you.


Step 5
Click 'Enter'

Enter your name in the box under 'What would you like me to call you?' Subsequently, press 'Enter'. This will open up another panel that will enable you to check whether Cortana is correctly taking your name.


Step 6
Click 'Sounds Good'

If you are satisfied by the way Cortana pronounces your name then click 'Sounds Good'. This will open up the final panel.


Step 7
Click 'Done'

Once you finished and satisfied with the entire process, click 'Done'.


In this way you can successfully change the name Cortana calls you by in Windows 10.
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