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How to Change the Cursor Size in the Mac OS X


It is essential to have the perfect cursor size while browsing and performing functionalities in your Mac OS X system. Increasing the size of the cursor will make it easy for the users to locate on the screen, especially for people with low vision. A poor cursor size will make the navigation in your system very hard. Here is how you can change the cursor size in your Mac system.

Step 1
Press ‘System Preferences’

Firstly, the user must click on the apple icon that is present at the top left corner of your Mac screen as shown below. From the list of choice, you press the ‘System Preferences’ option to view all the system settings available.


Step 2
Click on ‘Accessibility’

In the system preferences window, you will find many system setting options related to hardware, internet, system, and personal settings. Now under the system tab, click the ‘Accessibility’ option to view the various viewing and accessibility choices.


Step 3
Choose the ‘Cursor Size’

Click on the ‘Display’ option present in the vision pane at the left of the accessibility window. Now move the ‘Cursor Size’ slide bar to choose the appropriate size of the cursor.


Step 4
You can move the cursor size slide bar to the end to opt for the large cursor size as shown in the below picture. You can either keep it to normal, large or somewhere in between the two to get the cursor size according to your convenience.


‘Thus, the cursor size can be altered easily by following the above steps in a very sequential manner’.
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