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How to Capture a Picture with Mac OS X Webcam


The 21st Century is the time of the selfies and MAC is not going to fail you as a tool. You can take as many selfies as you like using the webcam on your MAC. In fact, once you have captured your best profile you can apply some cool filters to it and then share it, save it or export it. Enjoy the best quality selfies with your Mac webcam.

On your Mac OS X Device

Step 1
Find the ‘Applications Folder’

The applications folder is present in every Mac. Inside of it there are many of your computer´s main functions. For example, you will be able to find the text editor and also the QuickTime. Also, it is the folder where you will also find the settings menu to better configure your Mac OS X device.


Step 2
Find the 'Photo Booth' Icon

The 'Photo Booth' is the program that manages your Mac OS X webcam. It is inside the Applications folder. It is also a default in every Mac OS X.


Step 3
Click on the ‘Photo’ Button and Snap a Photograph

Once the Photo Booth is open, your webcam will be engaged and you will be able to see what the camera is recording reflected on your computer´s main screen. Under the image you will find a small camera-like red icon that you need to click on. The camera might be configured to count to three to take the photo and also to take several of them.


Take high-quality photos with the webcam on your MAC OS X.
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