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How To How to bypass wifi blockers (Cyberhound)

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May 2, 2022
So this is the issue:
Is there any way that i would be able to do something with the software or to do something to get around this? I know this isn't the most Networking thing but I kinda need to get around this and I would be thankful for any ideas!

Hi, at my school they have installed a security program called Cyberhound, it is an Australian superloop security system. There are certain sites that I need to get onto for my geography internal that I can not access while at school. If I ask my teacher to unblock it, it only unblocks for an hour and as I am boarding I need to do the work while on the school wifi but I am not able to. There was an app called SmartDNS proxy that worked before but now they blocked it(The VPN connects and shows as online but isn't able to load anything and on google it says SSH tunnel error) . I was wondering if you know anything that would enable me to get onto websites that the school has blocked with cyberhound. VPN's don't work, using all of the proxies that I have tried hasn't worked nor has shortening the URL, chrome webstore vpns dont work and I don't have much data so can't hotspot. I think that I have tried most things but would anybody know any way that I can get onto websites?

Asking how to bypass security measures isn't allowed here.

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