How to burn a DVD to Video CD???


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Sep 15, 2000
Okay, I've searched the web over for a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this, and no one can explain how to do this in non-nierd (<-- not an insult, just a jesture to show how frustrated I am). Can someone PLEEEASE explain to me how, what programs I need, and what media I need for it to work on a Samsung 709 DVD Player (I've heard That's Write CDR's work, but I can't find any yet alone even heard of such CDR's). I already have FlaskMPEG, SmartRipper, PowerDVD, and CloneCD and Nero trial versions, so info using these programs would be preferred, but if anyone already knows how to do this and uses other software, I don't mind. Please also post links to the software you use (free or trial versions are preferred) and where I can find media that will work for my DVD player.

[edit]And it's not for illegal purposes either. I just hate lending out my DVD's which I take very good care of, just to have my cousin borrow them and it comes back with fingerprints and scratches all over it (she has kids). I figure if I can make a copy for lending purposes, I don't care if they get messed up. It's not like the kids care if they're hearing the movie in THX or whatever DVD audio has. BTW, she has the same DVD player as me (Samsung 709). I was the one that bought it for the little rugrats this summer when I got mine. And if she has such a problem with video cd's, she can just go rent them for 5 bucks if she wants, but I'm never lending my DVD's ever again.[/edit]

Thanks in advance.


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Apr 7, 2000

Here's a link that explains it step by step:


In my opinion it's a WHOLE lot less work to just tell 'em &quot;go buy your OWN&quot; LOL



Sep 25, 2000
The amount of hard drive space needed (the full size of the DVD in question) and the time you need (average 10+ hours per normal size DVD) to do a burn, imho, it's cheaper just to buy a DVD instead of 'cheating'.

And as for the whole 'backup' copy idea... if you treat your DVD with respect, it will last forever....



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Oct 6, 2000
last I checked, this site was down,(can't check now cause i'm at work) but it also has some good info. Vcdhelp


Aug 31, 2000
locked? uh maybe, you'll need either a power full proccessor, and lots of hd space or a lot of time.. but look up a thread on recording dune in general hard ware. .