how to auto lock screen after so many minutes on chromebook?


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Jan 23, 2007
I have what is technically an HP Chromebox running Chrome OS 76 on my desk. (set it up because our school replaced the Desktop PC's with large screens & nice keyboards with chromebooks with tiny screens & crappy keyboards)

We have a couple of students in the room who like to try to get on any device, so I realized I should lock down this computer a bit more. I wanted to set up some sort of screensaver so that it would come up with a locked screen after a certain number of minutes.

Trouble is, evidently there is no screensaver feature in Chrome OS until a newer version than OS 76. (strange, but true) I'm using a really old VGA monitor with the chromebox, so it really could use a screensaver. The box is out of support, so there is evidently no way I can update the OS further.

Is there any other way to add some sort of screen saver feature to help stop burn-in on the monitor, and to add some sort of timed login screen? I have a regular old Windows keyboard hooked up to this, so I don't know of a lock screen keyboard shortcut that will work. I wish I could just add a lock screen shortcut to the bottom of the screen, which I could click on when I have to leave.

If I set up a wallpaper to cycle through various family photos, would that effectively work as a screensaver?
Thanks, I'm new to the idea of trying to lock one of these things down at all.