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How to Adjust the Mouse Settings in Mac OS X


Mac OS X allows the users to alter the scroll direction, right click and also the tracking speed of your mouse on the system. Additionally, you can set the primary button of your mouse to be either the left or as the right button of your mouse. The speed of the double click can also be set by the users. Here is how you can adjust the various settings of your mouse including the scrolling, clicking and tracking speed of the mouse.

Step 1
Choose ‘System Preferences’

On clicking the apple icon at the top left corner of the screen, you will find a list of system setting options as shown below. Now choose the ‘System Preferences’ option to view the detailed setting options.


Step 2
Click on ‘Mouse’ Option

In the system preferences window, you need to click the ‘Mouse’ option to view all the settings related to the functionality of the mouse.


Step 3
Adjust ‘Tracking Speed’

You can drag through the ‘Tracking Speed’ slide bar to adjust how fast the pointer should move based on the movement of your mouse.


Step 4
Adjust ‘Double-Click Speed’

To modify the double click speed of the mouse, the user should move through the ‘Double-Click Speed’ slide bar as shown in the below picture.


Step 5
Adjust ‘Scrolling Speed’

You should move through the ‘Scrolling Speed’ slide bar in order to set the scrolling speed of your mouse.


Step 6
Select ‘Primary Mouse Button’

The ‘Primary Mouse Button’ can be chosen to either the left or the right mouse as shown below according to one’s wish.


‘You can thus easily change the scrolling speed, tracking, double-click speed, and the primary mouse button by following the above steps’.
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