How much data does checking Yahoo e-mail multiple times at work use per day?

Discussion in 'Mobile Devices & Gadgets' started by mshan, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. mshan

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    My sister has an HTC Ozone cell phone and is in a costly Verizon plan.

    She only uses data to check Yahoo e-mail multiple times a day while at work.

    Page Plus Cellular 1200 talk and text offers 50 MB per month, then $0.6 per MB: Text 1200.aspx

    How much data overage can she expect per month?

    (she pays Verizon $30 / month extra for unlimited data, and $50 for 450 minutes per month)
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  3. s44

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    Why don't you check her monthly data use history?
  4. Deeko

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    Just checking email doesn't use much data at all - if that's all she does data wise she'd stay under 50MB, unless her emails are huge.

    T-Mobile is said to be launching a $9.99 200MB data plan next month. That would likely work well for her, and end up considerably cheaper than Verizon's unlimited plan.
  5. AstroManLuca

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    Does she use picture messaging at all? The big carriers all include picture messaging with their text message plans and don't count it against your data use, but Page Plus counts the data used to send and receive picture messages against your monthly allowance. Probably not an issue but it's something to consider.

    Definitely have her check on her monthly data use - it's probably well under 50 MB if she really doesn't use it much. The biggest advantage to Page Plus is she already has a good device she can use for it. Other prepaid carriers don't usually let you bring your own phone.
  6. RedRooster

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    Unless she's getting 50 emails a day with half of them having file attachments, I really doubt she'd bust 50MB a month.
    I've gone a whole month using 19MB checking my hotmail AND gmail. Granted, I'm not a very popular fella.
  7. pm

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    I'm with RedRooster. I have gone a bit over two weeks checking email and a few webpages, used Google Maps a few times and I'm at 22MB. If she does go over 50MB, she shouldn't go a lot over - if she just checks emails and no one sends her big photos or anything like that.