Question How many sound cards were invalidated by the March 19 Win10 update?


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Jun 5, 2005
I had to manually install the 1903 update and it blocked my sound card from working. A little investigating found more than a few people had the same issue. Turns out Win10 wouldn't load drivers from a 15 year old sound card. (Audigy 2 in my case)

I don't want to get into a debate over onboard sound vs. sound cards. I know what I hear and can't post to prove it. I prefer my Audigy to the onboard sound on my 2017 motherboard. I just want to know what other sound cards were affected and how far the disabling goes back. Thanks.


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Jul 2, 2011
While I don't have the numbers you are looking for it doesn't sound to me like your sound card was "blocked" by the Windows10 1903 update. To me it seems like there were certain changes in the OS that rendered some sound card drivers obsolete. This is really not a Windows issue it really falls back on the manufacturer of the sound card to update their drivers accordingly.
IMO it is unlikely that Creative has any intention of updating drivers for a 15 year old sound card. Honestly it might be time to just move on and purchase a new card or use the onboard sound if applicable.
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Oct 23, 2014
If you had to manually install 1903, it meant that there was a compatibility issue with the update, most likely the sound card, which was why the update wasn't offered on your computer. Why did you force the update?


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Nov 21, 2005
You can download older Win10 seasonal upgrades in online databases, dating back to 15xx builds; reloading OS can't be that difficult, can it?
X-fi is pretty much the same thing as Audigy with generational improvements since 2006, and practically very similar software controls and more.
Drivers are current for X-fi, to my knowledge.
Audigy 2 was a very nice card for its day, just too bad ASIO was so damn buggy and only worked 10% of the time with OS and junctioned software.