How long until I get kicked out???


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Jun 21, 2001
I want to start off by thanking all the Team for all the help they have given to me. I have gotten the CLI set up and running smoothly (thanks to some help). Now back to my post..... I have to leave my computer for three months :-( I will be going to school in London for a semester, and will not be able to take my computer with me. So, how long until I am considered an inactive member of TA?? My parents may be using my computer while I am gone, and if I can get them to run the SETI driver (at least for a few hours a day, hey better then nothing) I should avoid beinng considered inactive. If not, how do I get back in? Do I just come back and log back in with my email address and password?? Again Thanks for all the help and I wish I could be here to help you guys beat DSLR. Sorry I couldnt keep contributing something (as little as it may be).


PS for all of you that saw this same message in the oc'ing section sorry, thought I was in this section......


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Dec 15, 1999
Man you're in forever!! You can't leave let alone get thrown out! All your base is belong to us!:D

Just try and asslaminate any computer that gets in your way. ;)


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Oct 31, 1999
I have never heard of anyone being kicked off the team for being "inactive." :) Don't worry about it.


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Jun 21, 2001
Ok. I just thought that after looking at the team stats and seeing at the top a selection for the mods (or who ever does the updating) to "remove inactive" Anyway, I will try to talk the computer lab people into running this...yea that should be easy....


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Oct 9, 1999

<< Man you're in forever!! You can't leave let alone get thrown out! All your base is belong to us >>

LMAO @ Dantoo.... yeah, it's like the Mafia or someting. No one leaves ;)


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Jan 3, 2001

Why don't you put SetiDriver on that computer and set it to auto transmit. If you put a shortcut to the SetiDriver.exe file in your Startup Directory everytime your parent start up your computer SetiDriver will start and crunch on a WU.

Heck, you could just tell them to let it run with the monitor turned off. It would use very little electricity and it could do a lot of work while you are gone.

All your folks would have to do is check your email or browse the web once every week or two.

Teach them how to do a reboot, which would help from time to time, and you'll have a nice batch of WUs waiting for you when you return.

Whatever you do, we look forward to hearing from you on your return. :)


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Jan 12, 2001
ECUHITMAN - have a great trip... dun worry, you are in TA always.

Smokeball is right, go to your Windows/Startup folder and create a shortcut in there pointing to your setidriver.exe . When it's done, look for the shortcut in the directory and right click into its properties. Choose "Run minimized" and you should be good to go. It will start at bootup and automatically go to the tray. In SETIDRIVER set it to run low priority so it's quiet in the background and doesn't hurt performance.

Wish you the best, --RT


Apr 23, 2000
Admittedly, there was some discussion quite a while back about dropping users off of the Team if they'd never done a single work unit, ie. their total was still at zero. If I recall correctly, the reason for doing so was to more accurately reflect the statistics of production - taking an average with 0's being counted hurts the stats. However, I think the discussion died off when we realized that the negative implications would out-weigh any possible stats benefit.

:Q < inhale > :Q

So, yeah as Dantoo said, "Man you're in forever!" You may(or may not) at some point choose to leave, but no one will kick you out. Well.. I guess about the only way someone really would be kicked out is if were shown that they were installing S@H clients without permission and obtaining WUs in an illegal/unethical manner that jeporadized the Team's involvment in the whole project - then I could see someone getting booted out, but that's pretty extreme. If you're a law-abiding user, you can stay as long as you like. :)



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Oct 10, 1999
You're a "made man" now...

There aint no way out but in concrete boots......

You know what I mean ??????




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Jan 22, 2001

<< This is the 'Hotel California' of the web :) >>

I think I understand now...

So even when I run out into the dark street, after the earthquake and the landslide knock a whole in the wall large enough for me to escape, I will be shot down by a local gang, and then be burnt to a crisp by a passing wildfire. :D