How long till AMD takes back the throne?


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Nov 18, 2004
Im not asking how long till AMD can come up with something that will compete neck and neck with intel. Im asking how long till AMD comes out with something significantly better that'll put them on top much like intel has now done with the core duo's. I read that AMD is going to be release the K8L next, which really doesnt sound all threatening to intel. How bout k810 how long do we have to wait for k810.

AMD held the crown since 2000 or so right. They had a good 6 yr run. Is intel looking to lead this market till 2012?


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Sep 18, 2004
In a perfect world, the lead would switch every 6 months or so. As the red stripe guy would say: Hooooray competition!


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Sep 18, 2000
Well K8L should bring AMD right up to CoreDuo and may even do better in a few areas. It does appear that K8L will not pass Controe in Integer performance though.

Anyways, Revision "G" will shrink the core and AMD is making some changes to the core. Appears to be a new Complex Decoder and OOO Load/Stores. And possibly some minor mc tweaks. And maybe a Shared L3 Cache, though its not to certain on that feature yet. Or really any features for that matter. But pics from the Revision "F" die compared to the Revision "G" die does show some core logic being added. So some changes to the core are taking place. But it will NOT be enough to overthrow Conroe. But it will be a bit faster clock for clock compared to Revision "F" cores.



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Apr 27, 2006
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K10 (if that's what they're really calling it, no one is really quite sure any more) could be a pretty big step forward. AMD is talking about finally making major gains in the laptop market, which is still their weak point. But it's a ways off (2008, maybe?) yet. K8L will draw them a bit closer to parity, but I would expect it to mainly benefit them in power use and cost, rather than performance. That said, if they if they can keep power use down and cut costs (and prices) it would give them better footing in notebooks as the "value" purchase.


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Oct 22, 2004
amd certainly hasn't had the crown for 6 years. they lost the crown when intel released northwood pentium 4s, and they didn't regain it until the release of the A64 in 2003, so they've had it for 3 years.

I really hope K8L brings up performance a lot, but i'm not sure it will. the quad core will be nice, but intel will have that too. the only advantage AMD will probably gain with K8L will be the unified cache, but so far it sounds like only the L3 will be unified and it's not going to be very big. I also heard that they may cut down on the L1 cache, which i think is incredibly stupid. I'm confident AMD's engineers will design something good, but nothing coming immediately down the pipeline is gonna be enough. Maybe with K9 or K10, they'll add more execution units or something (i think conroe can do 4 IPC, neither the A64 or Pentium D can come even close to that).

Kwint Sommer

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Jul 28, 2006
A lot of people expected Intel would have continued holding the crown after the Northwoods as the Presscott represented a huge die shrink that somehow failed to produce considerable gains per GHz and increased the energy density enough that instead of maxing out at 8GHz as Intel originally thought they ended up with a maximum of 3.8GHz (although mine will do 5GHz @ -20). It isn't size, speed or even wattage that ultimately makes a chip the best, it's architecture. That's why the Athlon64 killed the Prescotts despite that fact that simply comparing it's basic stats made the Athlon look like its kid-brother.
Simply shrinking the die and removing a few watts isn't going to get AMD there crown back. I really don't anticipate 07 being a good year for AMD as most of the new stuff on the horizon isn't that different from their current so if they want to compete they will have to push the clock speeds and cut prices which sounds a lot like what Intel nearly killed itself doing with the Prescotts. Ideally AMD will come out swinging with some truly revolutionary stuff by 08.


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May 7, 2006
I would imagine that with 4x4 AMD could claim to have the performance lead, but it's so ridiculously expensive that it wouldn't matter.
BUT, they would still be in the lead.
BUT, it would still be utterly pointless.