How is credit information shared? WTF @ BMW and PC RICHARD.

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May 19, 2003
I am shopping for a car and stopped at a local BMW dealership a few weeks ago. When I sat down with a saleswoman, all I did was give her my name, and she started salivating and asked if I still lived at my current address.

How the hell did she even know where I lived? I never bought anything from BMW before or walked into their dealership before. She said she could offer me her best APR, or walk out the dealership with anything I wanted without putting a single penny down. How would she know that?

Then last week sometime, I bought a TV at PC Richard. They asked for my address, and I gave to them. All of a sudden, in an almost comical way, the screen lit up and I was offered a no-interest, no-fee store card for $5000, which the salesman tried to push on me hard. I finally got him to stop pestering me when I told him forget it, I'll go somewhere else to buy the TV.

How is it these places can so easily check my credit score? Are they actually making inquiries from just a name or address? That would piss me off -- I've worked years to build my credit, and don't want these jerks to bring it down by constantly tagging my info.
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