How I fixed a situation with powder brush


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Jun 11, 2011
So I bought a new sound card and to install it I had to move my graphics card from PCIe2 to PCIe3 slot (it was in PCI2 because it was better for ventilation that way) and when I installed into PCI3 my PC refused to recognize there's a card in the PC no matter what I did - changed bios settings, reinstalled bios. Everything was perfectly connected. I was about to downgrade my gpu bios when I came up with an idea: I took my sisters powder brush and cleaned the PCI3 slot a bit with it. I also took a screen cleaning tissue and cleaned the gpu's contacts a little. Voila. Works perfectly in PCI 3 now :D
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Sep 7, 2011
People used to use pencil eraser to clean gpu contacts. Not sure about cleaning the slot itself.