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How emotionally invested are you in this election?

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Feb 12, 2005
Very true...

However my number one reason for caring about the outcome is who will be appointing new Supreme Court Justices. two or three of them are in their 70s

You didn't mention that.
exactly, if there was little chance of a scotus pick then I would have gone 3rd party. But another Scalia type must not be allowed.
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Nov 18, 2007
Not emotionally invested at all.
The sky will not fall if "the other guy" wins.
The economy will not tank nor will it skyrocket based on who gets elected nor will the policies they put in place magically fix the economy.
Economy will improve at the rate it is going to improve and whoever wins will take credit.

Government spending will not change. The legislative branch will continue its nonsense.
Those getting all worked up obviously need an outlet and if they want to get all worked up let them.
This might not be true. I read that the financial cliff is more likely to happen with Obama since the Republicans are likely to be against the tax increase, while Obama will hold to his guns due to the issues from the last faceoff with healthcare and tax cuts. When the tax hikes hit and such he'll be able to point to Republican obstructionism to get a few points against them. Though I'm not convinced that the "sequester" will result in the death of the US economy but I'm no expert.


Feb 3, 2007
Not very emotionally vested at all. I'm enthused for my candidate, I hope he wins, but emotional investment? I save that for my lady.