How does one go about "protesting" (sp?) transfer credits?


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Dec 5, 2000
I don't know if it is protesting or what, but I am not sure what (if anything) I can do.

I took the required three writing courses in Portland my first year of college. When I transfered to my current school (which uses a semester system as opposed to a quarterly system) they took my credits and applied them to one of the required Writing classes but not the other. I feel that I shouldn't have to take another writing class. I am confident that my writing skills are more than adequate for my degree (Business Management). I feel that it is a waste of time, and more importantly, a waste of money.

I'm applying for Upper-Division standing now so that's the reason why I am bringing this up. I haven't spoken to anyone at the Business department yet, but I would like to hear if anyone here has gone through anything like this before and be willing to give me any advice, or what I should do, etc...