How do I reinstall these rod things on the sides of my windows?


Oct 9, 2002
Almost none of the windows in this place open or close correctly. I'm not sure what's snagging them. Sometimes a window that wouldn't open suddenly seems to open and close just fine.

I noticed these rod things going up the side of each window, with a single screw at the top. I took out a screw that was holding one of the rods. Apparently there was a lot of twisted tension as it rapidly unwound and flung the screw at my face. Now it's obvious to me that these rods are somehow supposed to help hold the open window in the position you leave it, but they fail to do that. If I get a window open, I have to hold the window up because it will fall closed again under its own weight.

I needed to install an AC window unit and couldn't get the window open until I un-screwed these rods. Anyway, I need to reinstall the ones I already disassembled. I don't know what they're called, so I can't easily find the install procedure. I assume the window need to be in a certain position, or the rod needs to be twisted a certain direction to pre-load the tension.

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