How did you like Dungeon Defenders DLC?


Feb 18, 2012
Specifically, how did you like Dungeon Defenders - Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards Part 1? My wife, and I are interested in jumping back into DD, but would like new content. Is that DLC worth $4 a piece?

Feedback on any of the other DLCs is also appreciated.


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Jul 20, 2001
it's worth it to buy the whole package, imo (12.99 on steam now), even if only for nightmare mode.

as far as other DLCs. the extra chars aren't really necessary, but the fem squire is quite good. i have the barbarian DLC as well, and he's quite fun. no towers or anything, just a straight fighter with some good skills.

in the end, none of the DLC is really necessary to enjoy/play the game as intended.


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Apr 20, 2010
I'd appreciate not having a 1GB update every other day, but all in all it's all fun.


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May 19, 2003
The game is pretty fun and engaging but Trendy Entertainment (game company) really doesn't do anything when it comes down to hackers. All the high end loot can be hacked. Alot if not most of the high end trade involved hacked mana invested into mana tokens. Numerous times I have seen people who are equipped with some of the best gear and they lack the know how to play the map. The community just ignores it and get annoyed when you bring up this topic. They don't really address this issue and it gets swept under the rug.

All in all it was well worth the investment but the hacking on the secure server is kind of a turn off when you need to grind just to upgrade your gear.

Anyways D3 comes out 5/15/12.

As for the DLCs, get the shards pack, EV character (it's a must if you want to do end level content) along with the City under the Cliffs DLC. You can pick up the barb but they are only there for DPS (so it's pretty useless). The alt character packs such as the adept/countess/initiate/hunter is also a good one to get as well. So in order of important DLC to get:

1) Shards
2) EV (*Yes they made the end game content especially hard that it requires this character)
3) Alt Char pack
4) The rest (warping core)
5) Barb
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