How did AnandTech decode the Wii U's Hynix RAM if the PDF doesn't show full information?

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Mar 3, 2019
Hi, I was wondering how an Anandtech person decoded the actual Hynix chip of the Wii U. I tried to do that myself using this .pdf:

But I had no luck.

The Wii U’s RAM modules are H5TQ4G63MFA12C, you can decode the chip up to the letter “F”, but the rest (A12) isn’t included in the Hynix document.

Also, how did he know that the Wii U's RAM module is 16-bit and not 64-bit for each module?

Thanks for reading, I ask this just by curiosity and the learn something new!.
Oct 14, 2003
It's a late response, but can I help?

I tried searching for your part number, but the only result rerouted me to this thread.

Then I went to SK Hynix site and looked at the datasheets. I realized you might have made a mistake. It's not H5TQ4G63MFA12C, but H5TQ4G63MFR12C.

R = Lead Free & Halogen Free(ROHS Compliant)

What about 12? Then I did further searching, about the Wii U. It talked about 12.8GB/s bandwidth over 4 chips(which confirms DDR-1600 speeds with 16-bit per chip width) Since I corrected the mistake, I found more references, and the Anandtech article, which verified my suspicions that you read the part number wrong.

12 seems to be a number code that's used in their GDDRx(Graphics DDRx) chips. Now on their site it doesn't show anything like your part number. But they have a 2Gb version of what seems to be what you were looking for. 12 means 800MHz, and its DDR, so it equals to DDR3-1600. x16 is the organization, and that's the width in bits, so 16-bits. x16 is the 6 in H5TQ4G6.

Probably the Wii U version is a larger 4Gb version of that listed on SK Hynix site.
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