How come there are no good gesture controlled media playing apps in iOS?

Discussion in 'All Things Apple' started by Red Storm, Jan 7, 2013.

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    My current devices are a Nexus 4 and an iPad Mini. On Android there are various media playing apps that let you control settings, seek, etc. with simple, intuitive, precise gesture based controlling. For example, swiping from right to left or vice versa anywhere on the screen to seek forward or back. This is a lot easier and precise than dragging a marker on a line. Also brightness and volume can be controlled by swiping up or down on the right and left sides of the screen, and these can be changed as deemed necessary.

    Where is this functionality with iOS apps? It took me a while to find a good app that worked well with Dropbox (in my case CineX), but I find myself really missing those gesture controls. Are there any media playing apps for iOS that do both:

    A) Connect to Dropbox easily with no middle man

    B) Support gesture controls

    It's not a deal breaker, but it is slightly annoying.