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Question How can my 3900X clock better on my old X370 mobo than my new Gigabyte Aorus Master X570?


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Nov 3, 2018
I've had my 3900X for a while now, and was running it on an older Asus Crosshair VI Extreme mobo, with FlareX GSkill 3200C14 DDR4 ram. I was able to achieve an all core clock of 4450mhz for a while, and it ran all my benchmarks without problems. Then I tried to push it higher out of curiousity, and never got it there again. But I did have it at 4425mhz @2.6875v for a long time. And it was perfectly stable.
Then on Cyber Monday, I bought a Gigabyte Master X570. And it just came in. So I spent most of the day yesterday making the change. I also got some GSKill TridentZ NEO 3600mhz Bdie DDR4 mem. I got 32GB in 2x16gb sticks. I've been going through the settings in the new Aorus Master Bios, and after getting everything set, I have only been able to get the 3900X up to 4350mhz stable. I would surely have thought that with better, higher clocked mem, and a better mobo that this processor would be MORE of a monster. And it is extremely fast. A couple of my last runs on Cinebench R20 scored 7768. That IS a whopping score. But again, I am bothered that it will not clock higher on this sys than my old one. Finally, YES, I did update the bios to the latest, F11. Any help or links are appreciated. I'm NEVER too proud to learn... Thanks!


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Aug 2, 2005
Though it was a typo, I feel obligated to point out that CPUs (including the pentium) used to pull 5v as well as 3.3v.


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Sep 3, 2013
You've changed other variables such as the memory. Moving from single to dual ranks (16 GB B-Die DIMMs are dual rank, 8 GB single rank) and higher speeds will stress aspects of the CPU (IMC, Infinity Fabric) more than your old configuration which will in turn affect stability.
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Apr 27, 2000
I mistyped. Should have put 1.26875v
In addition to what @arandomguy says, you've also moved to a board with different power delivery/voltage specs. You don't know exactly what voltage you're giving the CPU unless you're testing with a multimeter. Are the temps during application runs like CBR20 the same on the new board at the same reported voltage compared to your old board? If the temps are down and power draw is down, you can rationally conclude that voltage reporting on your new board isn't lining up with your old one.
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Aug 25, 2001
My guess is that the higher DRAM clock/DRAM capacity is competing with the cores more for power, which would limit your top-end OC more with faster RAM (faster than 3200).
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Jan 1, 2012
My guess is that the higher DRAM clock/DRAM capacity is competing with the cores more for power, which would limit your top-end OC more with faster RAM (faster than 3200).
Exactly. Pushing the Infinity Fabric harder is going to use more juice for that part of the chip, eating into your power/thermal budget.


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Dec 6, 2018
The 3600 should give you more than the 0.1Ghz that you lost.
Let us know what the result is if you let your memory run at 3200 C14

I have an 3950X NH-U12A with X570 AORUS MASTER, I haven't assembled it yet.
I still have to order memory: 64GB 3600 C16
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