How can I get a Vista DVD if I buy a laptop from Best Buy?


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Jul 26, 2004
I thought I was entitled to the DVD if I paid for the key, which I do when I buy a new laptop that comes with Vista.

But, the guy at Best Buy tells me that they will no way give me a clean Vista media.
I don't want all the software that comes with the laptop and I'd rather not uninstall. I'd rather install Vista fresh.

How do you guys install Vista clean on a Laptop you buy?


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Aug 20, 2004
Navid ... you should be able to get it from Microsoft at minimal cost to you.

You can also contact the laptop maker or their web site to see if they can
sell you the OS DVD or how to burn it from the Recovery Partition, a method
I myself, do not care for. I would say you are entitled to the real media as you
do pay for the OS. How you want it, should be up to the Consumer, not the Seller.