How can I clear auto-complete content?


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Nov 23, 2001
The computers in school library stores my information through auto complete and each computer retains data about anyone who used the computer. When I go back to the same workstation, sure enough, it remembers my AIM Express log in, things I searched on Google and the such. The information doesn't appear to be on my network drive, because my previous search and the such comes up only when I'm logged into the same workstation.

I'm guessing each workstation maintains a list of things about every user independent of student log-in server.

Some workstations have auto-complete turned off and these will ocassionally prompt if I want to enable it. I think by clicking yes, it enables it globally to the workstation meaning that it doesn't stay just within my log in.

Normally, you'd clear it through internet options, but this feature have been blocked by the admin.

Any clue?

Aug 27, 2002
go to the admin and tell them that someone has turned it on, and your afraid your personal info will be at risk, they have to (by law) disable it.