Question How are MSI Mech coolers on AMD cards?


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Oct 20, 2014
Found a good, or maybe I should say not so horrible, price on an MSI Mech RX 6700 XT and am wondering if the cooler is passable and say just a little loud vs more expensive offerings, since there has to be a reason it's cheaper than the others. Don't want to buy if the cooler is so bad it throttles, but if it's just a case of the card being audible under load I don't care since in the spring, summer, and early fall I run a box fan most of the time and in the winter my home's heater is kind of loud, plus I run my i5-12400F with a stock cooler since I don't care about being able to hear it. I just ask since I know a lot of these AMD coolers are repurposed from Nvidia gpus, but not exactly dying to pay more for a 3060 Ti and get neutered with 8GB of VRAM that I expect to not age very well for 1440p60 gaming.
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Dec 10, 2010
There isn't that much of a difference between the Gaming X and the Mech. Back when the 5700XT came out, the Mech was really bad. The memory cooling and fans were really badly done. But from what I have read, they fixed that with the 6K series cards.

Maybe they are cheaper because MSI sitting on a lot of them, and they want them gone before the 7K's hit.