Hot swap mobile media hard drive tray (genica)

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Space Cowboy, Mar 10, 2005.

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    I have these hot swap hard drive trays that have been sitting in a drawer for awhile and I'd like to use them on my new computer. Couple things. The website say's they are only compatable with windows 98? That don't make sense to me but I also don't understand how when you put the harddrive in the tray you connect a power cable and a ide cable. But when it connects to the computer through the tray theres only one D connector and no power connector?

    Anybody have any idea's
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    Yes, the hot swap feature with those trays depends on a little-known feature of Win 98. That is you can set the hard drives to removable in Device Manager. Not available in later versions of Win.
    . You can use them as plain removable trays where you have to power down when swapping with the other versions of Win.
    . If you want hot swap, use your drives in an external Firewire or USB case. Or you can get IDE to USB converter cables and make your mobile racks hotswappable via USB. Newegg, Compgeeks, et al. have the IDE to USB converter cables... It still won't be a simple turn the switch and swap the drives. The process should be explained in the instructions that come with the converter cable.

    It will be obvious when you open up the drive cassette to mount the drive - basically the D connector (which is not a D connector, but a Centronics type connector like that on a parallel printer) has more than the 40 contacts needed for IDE - guess what some of the extra contacts are for... ;) And make sure that rack is ATA compatible if you want more than 33MB/s from your drive.


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