Hot for those who bought a VPR Matrix widescreen Laptop in the past 14 days - get $400 back


Senior member
Oct 16, 1999
They just dropped the price of the vpr matrix widescreen laptop at bestbuy. Price used to be $2400 but today it dropped to $2000. If you bought it within the past 14 days you can get back $400. With the $600 rebate that was available for this laptop it would bring your final cost to about $1400 after MIR + tax. I bought mine open box exactly 2 weeks ago and managed to convince them today to refund me the difference + 10% off for the openbox.

Fallen Kell

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Oct 9, 1999
Nevermind... I read wrong, didn't see that the part of the rebates were reflected in the price while another $200 were not reflected in the price...just ignore me.