HOT combo deal: EVGA mATX P55 SLI + EVGA GT 240 GDDR5 $70 AR/AR FS

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Oct 13, 1999

This requires a $20 and a $30 MIR (one for each item). shipping is free. Ends up $70 in the end.

The card is a 512MB GDDR5 version, so it should be near a 9600 GT in performance but use less power (6-pin not needed). Has HDMI output and it puts out audio through HDMI, so would make a decent HTPC card except it will probably be somewhat noisy.

The board is an odd one in that it supports SLI, but is otherwise really stripped down. I think maybe EVGA just had a bunch of PCBs and chipsets they had to dump. The two PCIe x16 slots are forever stuck in x8/x8 mode so a single card runs at x8 (PCIe 2.0 though, so equivalent to original x16). The BIOS is also locked down so there supposedly is ZERO overclocking (can't change anything on CPU or RAM), and EVGA has never released an updated BIOS for this board.

Still, how much is the next highest priced socket 1156 SLI board? For overclocking, some socket 1156 CPUs have really high Turbo modes, so not sure you'd miss much there.
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