Hooray Finally Got Heroes of Might and Magic III The Shadow of Death installed on Linux !


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Mar 17, 2007
So yesterday I was randomly looking through WINE's App DB List of top WINE compatible games and apps, and to my surprise, it seems that Heroes of Might and Magic III The Shadow of Death is on the LIST! I had no freaking clue, It's my all time favorite original game, I grew up playing that game day and night. After hours of searching I miraculously found the CD-ROM that I haven't touched in 6-7 years or so, after easily installing it on my main Linux system, I had a brilliant idea, which is that I can use winecfg in order to create a "Virtual CD-ROM" by simply pasting the contents of the CD-ROM to /home/DarkThinker/.wine/drive_e and informing winecfg that it needs to handle that location as a CD-ROM not another drive and not a local hard disk location.
Now finally, after playing the game for hours I finally got what I was waiting for, one of those ridiculous messages :D
This game runs so smoothly and looks so well integrated under Linux that I can't believe that I am now playing this game without windows I WINE

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