Home theatre set up...


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Nov 10, 1999
Okay, my basement is about to get pimped out! WOOHOO!

The plans are the following, we are getting the wood panels painted off white, we are getting a billiards table, we have a little fridge and I want to get a couch and a home theatre set up for down there. :) I know we are getting a new TV for the basement, but I just have to convince my parents about the speakers and dvd player. ;)

I also need some advice on which TV to get (19-27"), speakers and DVD player to get. :eek:

I'm thinking the Toshiba SD2200 (Mercata- SD2200) for the DVD player (it has a CD player in it too so I don't need to get a stereo for down there too. ;)).

What was that DVD player that could play MP3 CDs?

I don't know what to get for speakers and a TV though. :eek:

I figure the total budget I have to work with is around $700. :(