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Holy BatS#%t, Americans are disabling Lil Kim's nukes

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Sep 23, 2006
Originally posted by: techs
Leave it to the Bushies to lock the barn door.....
Instead of offering the N. Koreans the deal we just offered them now, 7 years ago, we could have stopped them from actually building more bombs.
btw anyone think they are not keeping a few bombs in secret?
We arent disabling their bombs. We know they have 8-10 nuclear weapons. We arent disabling them. We are disabling their capability to make more.

As for they could have done this seven years ago. Or try and say Kim made nukes because of the Axis of evil rhetoric.

NK was working on nukes before the axis of evil. And it is HIGHLY unlikely they would have conceded to more aid without getting nukes first. Theories in International Relations would confirm this.

Remember we gave them over $6billion aid during the Clinton admin. Kim was getting nukes for future negotiating power. He wasnt going to give that up for another $6billion.


Dec 21, 2005
Originally posted by: ayabe
Originally posted by: palehorse74
Please ignore the flying pigs and return to your seats... I know it's painful for you Narmer, but I guess you'll have to chalk one BIG foreign relations victory up for Bush&Co!

great news indeed!
Correct me if I'm wrong but weren't you among the throng on this board labeling anyone who wanted to speak to NK as a Chamberlain and a coward? A Clinton-esque appeaser just waiting for the wool to be pulled over our eyes.
you're wrong. I never said anything like that.

Consider yourself corrected.